Our Goal

The goal of the MISP  is to reduce mortality, morbidity and disability among populations effected by crises,particularly women and girls.
Objective and activities.

Identify and organization (s) and individual(s) to facilitate and coordination and implementation of the MISP by

  • Ensuring in the overall RH coordinator is in place and functioning under the health
  • Coordination team;
  • Ensuring RH focal points in camps and implementing agencies are in place;
  • Making available material for implementing the MISP ensuring its use.
  • Prevent sexual violence and provide appropriate assistance to survival by:
  • Ensuring systems are in place to protect displaced populations,particularly women
  • And girls,sexual violence;
  • Ensuring medical services, including psychosocial support, available for survivors of sexual violence.
  • Reduce the transmissions of HIV by:
  • Enforcing respect for universal precautaons;
  • Guaranteeing  the availability for free condoms;
  • Ensuring that blood for transfusion is safe.
  • Prevent excess maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity by:
  • Providing clean deliver kids to all visible pregnant women and birth attendants to
  • Promote clean home deliveries;
  • Providing mid wife delivery kids (unicef for equivalent ) to facilitate clean and safe
  • Deliveries at the health facility;
  • Initiating the establishment for a referral system to manage obstetric emergencies.
  • Plane for the provision of comprehensive productive health services, integrated into
  • Primary health care (PHC), has the situation permits by:
  • Collecting basic background information;
  • Identifying sites for further delivery of comprehensive RH services;
  • Assessing staff and identifying training protocols;
  • Identifying procurement channels and assessing monthly drug consumption.

What supplies are necessary to implement the MISP and where can an agency get them?
             The MISP includes a per packaged set for kids containing drugs and supplies aimed at facilitating the implementation of priority RH services in the early phase of a crisis.UNFPA is in charge of assembling and delivering these RH kids. As logistical problems are common crisis settings, agencies should prepare by including RH supplies within there overall medical supply procurement.

Statistics of Women and Children
Affected during past emergencies and the barriers and problems faced by the women in Pakistan