MISP Objectives And Activities

1.   Prevent and manage the consequences of sexual violence

  • careful site planning of camps
  • set up health services for medical treatment of survivors of sexual violence
  • raise awareness among all staff of the importance of early referral of survivors to health services
  • coordinate the response between health, community, security and protection services.

2.  Reduce transmission of HIV

  • make condoms freely available
  • enforce universal precautions against HIV (including sufficient supplies, safe waste disposal)
  • ensure blood transfusion is safe

3.  Prevent excess neonatal and maternal morbidity and mortality

  • provide clean delivery kits to all pregnant women and birth attendants
  • provide health facilities and midwives with midwifery delivery kits.
  • initiate the establishment of a referral system to manage obstetrics emergencies

4.  Plan for the provision of comprehensive RH services,integrated into primary health care, as soon as the situation permits

  • collect background information on RH mortality, STD/HIV
  • prevalence and contraceptive prevalence.
  • dentify suitable sites for the future delivery of comprehensive reproductive health services
  • assess the capacity of staff and plan training/retraining
  • order equipment and supplies for comprehensive reproductive health services.

5.  Meet pre-existing family planning needs

  • provide basic family planning services in order to meet spontaneous demand.
  • Meet needs for menstrual protection
  • assess the need for menstrual protection and identify methods to meet this need.
Statistics of Women and Children
Affected during past emergencies and the barriers and problems faced by the women in Pakistan