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This briefing pack is meant for all those who are going to be involved in the implementation of MISP, which is the minimum initial services package, for women and children during emergencies.

It will be usefull for implementing agencies at the province and district level .The staff of the provincial and district disaster management authorities, that of the relevant line departments like the workers from the health, population welfare,Women Development or Communication Departments, the police, Water & Sanitation Authority and representatives of the local administration, will benefit from this kit and be better informed about what MISP is, why it should be implemented ,
and how they can be a part of its implementation.

Let us make sure that together we can save lives and safeguard the welfare of our women and children during any future mergency.


Our Goal

The goal of the MISP is to reduce mortality, morbidity and disability among populations affected by crises, Particularly women and girls.

These populations may be refugees, internally displaced persons (IDPs) or populations hosting.


What is MISP?

Minimum! Basic, limited reproductive health.

Intial! For use in emergency, without site specific
needs assessment.

Services! Services to be delivered to the population.

Package! Supplies ( e.g. RH kit ) and activities cordination
and planning.

Statistics of Women and Children
Affected during past emergencies and the barriers and problems faced by the women in Pakistan